Things to Do in Napa Valley in Fall - A Guide

While there is certainly no wrong time of year to pay a visit to Napa, there is a special kind of magic that exists when seeing it in the fall. The summer temperatures begin to cool, ushering in an expanse of autumnal colors. There is nothing quite like it. In order to make the most of our Napa fall, there are a few things around that are worth checking out. 

Fall Foliage

The hallmark sign of fall arriving is the trees changing their colors. Greens give way to reds, oranges, and yellows that seem to appear almost overnight. One red leaf becomes hundreds, all working together to make Napa prettier than any postcard could hope to be. There are plenty of opportunities to admire this natural beauty. Head over to Napa State Park, or really any park with plenty of trees! Take a hike, or even a leisurely walk, and drink in all that nature in Napa has to offer. 

Take a Balloon Ride

Is there a more exciting way to enjoy fall than from the basket of a hot air balloon? See the sights in a way nothing else can compete with. You can take a flight in a private basket or utilize one of the other options, including a post-balloon ride brunch! This would make for a truly memorable way to experience Napa. 

Have a Seat at the Harvest

If you’re searching for a fall experience you won’t find anywhere else, how does a thousand-foot table in the middle of the street sound? That’s exactly what you’ll find during Calistoga’s Harvest Table, which is set up right in downtown Calistoga. With menus from over a dozen Napa eateries, the Harvest Table is an unbeatable (and delicious!) experience.

Film Festival 

The Napa Valley Film festival takes place in November, bringing together the excellent pairing of wine and movies. Enter as a VIP for special access to Q&As and other perks. The lineup for the 2022 season is set to be announced soon, but this film festival is worth attending every year. 

Have a Drink 

Perhaps it goes without saying, but the very best way to enjoy Napa in the fall is to sit down with the perfect glass of wine. Fall is the kick-off for Napa’s Cabernet season, which is practically begging you to enjoy a glass of full-bodied delicious wine in celebration. If you’re searching for a place to start, check out Ellman Family Winery’s selection of Cabernet Sauvignon. You won’t be disappointed. 

There’s Nowhere Like Napa

Whatever your favored fall activity happens to be, there’s something in Napa for you. Napa has a variety of activities that are fun year-round but reach new heights during the fall months. It would be harder to find the wrong way to enjoy the most beautiful time of year! From festivals to wine to delicious food, there is so much to experience that you’ll struggle more in deciding where to start. 

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